Test Results

If you have been asked by a GP or Nurse to have a blood test, x-ray or ultrasound performed the results will be sent back to a GP or Nurse for review. A large number of tests performed are due to monitoring purposes and require NO ACTION. To reduce the number of calls patients have to make to the surgery to enquire about their results we will only contact those patients whose results require some form of ACTION.

Results of most blood tests and urine/stool samples will usually be available within three to four working days. Scan and X-ray reports are usually available within ten days to two weeks after the test is performed. In some circumstances we will contact you regarding your result but it is up to the patient to contact the surgery for their result.

Test results are available for you to view providing you have access to your medical records online and have a username and password. If you do not currently have access but would like this, please complete the Request for Online Services form.